Septone Oilsolve 20Lt

Septone Oilsolve 20Lt Solvent Degreaser

Oilsolve Degreaser is a 100% active quick break solvent based emulsifiable degreasing cleaning fluid suitable for removing heavy deposits of grease, oil, dirt and grime from vehicle engines, motorbikes, lawn mowers, turbines, tools, lathes, work benches, lube floors and walls, driveways and boat bilges.

The quick break property of Oilsolve Degreaser ensures that the emulsified grease and oil readily separates in a grease trap, allowing the resultant water layer to be drained to the sewer as treated trade waste.

Oilsolve will not affect painted surfaces, will not cause streaking and is free-rinsing. It is safe to use on paint, steel, aluminium, glass, rubber, chrome, vinyl and most plastics.