Rapid Trojan 5Lt

Rapid Trojan 5Lt Hd Floor Cleaner & Degreaser K2

RapidClean Trojan Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner is made to cut through built-up grease and kitchen soil. It will strip-away grease on hoods, vents, ovens and kitchen floors.

TROJAN is a heavy duty liquid detergent. TROJAN is a blend of non-ionic surfactants, solvents, inorganic water conditioning agents and soil anti-deposition agents.

TROJAN has been formulated to quickly remove grease, fat, dirt, protein and oil from a variety of surfaces. TROJAN is particularly effective on food plants and kitchens when used as directed.


  • Effective in hard and soft water.
  • Particularly effective in the removal of heavy soil deposits found in kitchens and food plants.
  • Free rinsing to ensure a nonslip finish.
  • Economical fast spray-on, wipe-off application.
  • Versatile in use as manual, spray or mechanical applications can be used.