Rapid Fome Chlor 15L K8

Rapid Fome Chlor 15L K8

RapidClean Foam Chlor Cleaning and Sanitising Foam is recommended for cleaning and sanitizing hard surfaces and removing fat, dirt and grease. Its combination of chlorine and detergent makes it a powerful washroom cleaner and sanitiser. It is also suitable for the cleaning and sanitising of bodily fluids and spills in the child care, health and aged care sectors.

Foam Chlor is a Chlorinated general purpose alkaline detergent liquid formulated as a cleaner sanitiser for the food industry. It is non-corrosive at use dilution rates on all metals encountered in
the food industry. These include stainless steel, aluminum and galvanised surfaces.

Foam Chlor is formulated specifically for applications in the food industry. These include dairy, abattoirs, poultry processors and other associated food industries. Foam Chlor is designed to be used through a foaming unit to remove all food soils such as blood, fat and oils.

1: 50 solution – 1000 ppm Chlorine
1:100 solution – 500 ppm Chlorine
1:200 solution – 250 ppm Chlorine


  • No insoluble residues
  • Highly effective germicide.
  • Highly stable source of active Chlorine
  • Combination detergent/sanitiser
  • Assists in the prevention of hard water scale build up
  • Safe on all metals