Neutra Fresh 750Ml

Neutra Fresh 750Ml Neutralises Contaminated Air, Eliminates The Cause Of Bad Odours And Replacing It With A Clean, Fresh And Residual Fragrance

Odour Neutraliser is a clear to pale brown thin liquid with a fresh fragrance. This product is an effective, long lasting air freshener and deodorant that is particularly effective against tobacco and other problem odours. With only a few sprays of Odour Neutraliser, the air is rapidly clear from tobacco odours also eliminates cooking odours such as fried onions, bacon, fish etc… .
This product can also be used in and around rubbish bins to get rid of bad smell. This product is ideal for use in hotels, clubs, healthcare institutions and many other areas.
Odour Neutraliser may be used neat or diluted, depending on the application. It can be sprayed into the air or applied directly onto any type of surfaces.
Water based freshener, cleaner and sanitiser
Pleasant fresh fragrance
Safe on all food prep surfaces


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