Grafitti Remover 5 Lt

Grafitti Remover 5 Lt Powerful Non-Flammable Formula, For Texta And Paint Cleaning On Most Surfaces. It Contains A Complex Blend Of Solvents For Maximum Versatility.

Graffiti Remover is a clear thin liquid with a characteristic odour.
This product contains a blend of D’Limonene and solvents for
maximum versatility and efficiency. Powerful formula, for texta
and paint cleaning on most surfaces. It contains a complex blend
of solvents for maximum versatility.
Graffiti Remover is ideal for use in the cleaning and removing
graffiti work and texta from surfaces such as fibre glass, stainless
steel, brick walls, concrete walls, glass etc…

D’ limonene based
Highly efficient
Safe and Biodegradable

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